How to get Lan Ha bay from Hanoi

The natural beauty of Lan Ha bay (

Lan Ha is preferred by many tourists by its pristine and gorgeous natural beauty. The following is the best ways for visitors from Hanoi to get Lan Ha bay.

About Lan Ha

Halong bay is well known by travelers from all around the world by the unique creations of nature that was recognized by the UNESCO as one of the heritage sites of the world. However, there is also the other gorgeous bay that is located in the eastern of Cat Ba island towards Van door, next to Halong bay – Lan Ha bay.

Lan Ha bay is a small bay with approximately 400 islands of all shapes and sizes. Compared to Halong, Lan Ha bay has not been strongly exploited, and all the islands, mountains here are fully covered by the green color of the forest. Therefore, Lan Ha bay now has been considered as one of the new attractive destinations that tourists should not miss when visiting Halong bay and Cat Ba island with the distinctive natural beauty that is both pristine and romantic.

La Pinta – the cruise of pioneers (

For now, there are several choices of overnight cruise ship going to Lan Ha for visitors. Among them, La Pinta has shown up as the cruise of pioneers, successfully recording in the heart of visitors coming to Lan Ha and Halong. Being launched in April 2018, La Pinta Lan Ha bay cruise offers guests the best services and the most luxury accommodation with the route to Halong bayLan Ha bayCat Ba islandBai Tu Long bay.

Time to travel

In Lan Ha, there are two periods in the year being considered as the most beautiful seasons – summer and autumn.

Summer in Lan Ha bay lasts from April to June. At this time, the weather is usually hot so tourists will want to immerse in the cool and fresh atmosphere of the sea and participate in the exciting activities on the shore that are only occurred in the summer such as climbing to the cliffs and jumping to the sea, kayaking through the majestic caves, or diving to see the coral reefs, etc. Lan Ha with diverse quiet sandy beaches lying along the islands will be the perfect choice for those who want a wonderful beach vacation in the summer.

Besides, the elegant and loving beauty of Lan Ha in the autumn from late October will also mesmerizing many tourists visiting here. Resting on the sundeck of private balcony of La Pinta cruises, visitors can enjoy the relaxation while admiring the beautiful seascape in the fresh and cool sea space here. Trying to explore the normal life in Viet Hai or Cai Beo fishing villages will make every tourist feel so peaceful and comfortable. Sea water in this time is very green and beautiful as emerald, so tourists can also bathe or kayaking around the islands.

Way to travel

If booking a Lan Ha cruise tour, visitors will be picked up from Hanoi by the agency. It will take them about 4 hours to move, so if tourists want to travel by themselves, there are 3 best ways that we suggest as below.


The cheapest way to travel from Hanoi is going by coach. There are various transportation companies for tourists to choose. The passenger car will departure from Luong Yen, My Dinh, or Gia Lam stations and stop at Bai Chay station, Halong city. Travelers can go to these stations to buy tickets in the ticket office, or can buy online with clear and easy guidance. Ticket price ranges from VND 100,000-130,000/seat.

Pristine beaches in Lan Ha bay (

Motorbike/Private car

Traveling by motorbike or car from Hanoi to Halong city will be not too hard as to other destinations because the highway system now has been connected the two spots, so this also can be a way to visit Lan Ha bay for travelers. However, tourists going by motorbike must prepare thoroughly about health, duration, and route to be as safe as possible. The renting cost is about VND 800,000-2,000,000/day for a 4-7 seat car in Hanoi, and approximately VND 100,000-250,000/day for a motorbike.


This is a public option usually used by local people and backpackers. The train offers passengers the opportunity to watch the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road. However, the train from Hanoi to Halong will last about 7 hours, so this is often not the right choice for visitors.

Furthermore, from the train station in Halong, visitors will spend more time and money to catch taxi to move to the city center to the pier that is 5 kilometers far from the station. In addition, they will have to wake up earlier if they want to enjoy a full day in Halong. It will take visitors VND 100,000/seat.

From the center of Cat Ba island (Haiphong), travelers will move to Beo wharf, buy ferry tickets to visit Lan Ha bay, and then rent a motorboat to visit where they want. If tourists just want to go around the bay, they can rent the motorboat of the local people for convenience. If traveling in group, they can actively rent a boat from the wharf, or ask the host at Cat Ba Sandy Beach or Monkey Island Resort where they’re staying to rent boats for them.

The kayaking activity in Lan Ha bay (

Lan Ha bay is a very interesting tourist destination. With the guidance we have sharing above, we hope to be accompanied with visitors in the near Lan Ha trip. We are looking forward to receiving interesting share from you. Thank you.

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