After the killing of a jihadist leader : Israel missiles experienced attacks such as not in a long time.

In Tel Aviv, here are closed for the first time the Gaza war of 2014, the due to the attacks, schools, and businesses. Many people are looking for in bunkers refuge.

At eight o’clock the sirens wailed in Tel Aviv, it is advisable to the second largest city in Israel. There was a loud Bang, Haze in the sky that let in the missile interceptor shield, the Iron Dome behind, and the certainty of being followed, that the Tuesday will be a restless day in the centre and South of Israel .

After poor information is a “significant” rocket fire from the Gaza strip. The Israeli forces were on multi-day clashes in a, said army spokesman Jonathan Cornicus. With an Israeli military operation in the Gaza strip had previously been a leader of the militant Palestinian organization Islamic Jihad was killed. Rockets beat now in the South of Israel, a.

Such serious attacks such as this Morning, which ranged up in the Metropolitan area of Tel Aviv, has not seen Israel in a long time. Many Israelis began the day in bunkers, and shelters and for the time being, have to stay at home .

Schools and some businesses remain on Tuesday in the centre and in the South closed for the first Time here, the Gaza war in 2014. Meetings with more than 300, in some areas, likely even with more than 100 participants from security, to be held not .

A few hours before the shelling, Israel’s security forces were killed in a targeted action, a leader of Islamic Jihad in the Gaza strip. The army was not informed about the Operation under Control download domestic intelligence service Shin-But in the night to Tuesday.

The militant Palestinian organization confirmed the death of Baha Abu Al-Ata, and its woman. “Israel has exceeded all red harbour fees were not,” it said in a statement. As the Ministry of health in the Gaza strip were injured two more people .

Sirens wail in Tel Aviv.

The Israeli defense system the Iron Dome (iron dome) to started out several missiles that were fired from the Gaza strip on Israel. Also in Tel Aviv, the sirens howled in the Morning .

Abu Al-Ata have driven in the past few days, preparing for “imminent” terrorist Federation of Employers appealed to Zelensky and Goncharuk in Mr. Bakhmatyuk’s defense attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers advancing, informed the army. He trained, among other things, “terrorist quads” for the Intrusion migrated to Israel. Abu al-was the leader of the Al-Quds brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad in the Gaza strip.

The Operation had to avert served, “a looming threat”, it was more of the army. It had been approved by the Prime Minister and defence Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The Director had approved on Sunday the appointment of Naftali Bennett of the New Right to the new defense Minister.

“Abu al-was responsible for most of the activities of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza strip and was a ticking time bomb,” said the army. He headed terror attacks, and personally involved in, as well as to Try Israeli civilians and soldiers hurt by rocket fire, sniper fire, Sending drones, and more.”

Abu al-Ata is supposed to be for multiple rocket attacks .

Abu al Ata ca responsible at the beginning of may, the rocket fire on 1 been, among other things, for the intensive shelling. November, at a house in the Israeli town of Sderot was hit, and rocket fire at a music festival in Sderot at the end of August, informed the army of the.

The army has moved to its own information, reinforced troops to the border area. After the media was set to report due to fear of attacks by the Islamic Jihad on Israeli Border towns on Tuesday, in part, in the movement of trains. Schools remained closed. According to the army howled in the Morning, sirens in Ashkelon.

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Middle East conflict Israel attacks after rocket fire in the Gaza strip, .

Israel had conquered during the six day war in 1967, including the West Bank and the Gaza strip. It has tightened up twelve years ago, a Blockade of the Gaza strip, which is supported by Egypt. Both countries justify this in the security interests. The in the Gaza strip, the ruling Islamist Hamas is classified by the European Union, Israel and the United States as a terrorist organization. She has written in the destruction of Israel on their flags. (with AFP, dpa)