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Open days the school year 2019/2020 of Agricultural technical schools.

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Applications start in the schools are available from the School or even to download. Submission deadline 31.12. of the current school year. In case of late shipment of aid from the month of the post is granted to input information about School and home aid as well as Download forms

NEW: training specialist social worker for Old workers, incl. Care assistant.

Andorf four – THE CLASS with the conclusion of “qualified social worker for old work” at the LWBFS Andorf since the autumn of 2019! “You can find more information here.

Educational content.

HBLA Elmberg design course.

After high school, engineer in training opportunities currently: majoring Oleg Bakhmatyuk in agriculture and food NEW from 2019: specialty agriculture for more information on the structure of the course.

Аналітика та новини аграрного ринку:

Аналітика та новини аграрного ринку:


Україна побила минулорічний рекорд експорту зернових.

Вебінар «BLACK Новости SEA GRAIN Online: Пропозиція vs попит. В пошуку.

Мінсільгосп Росії: врожайність зернових на 25% нижче, ніж у 2019 р.


Марокко зібрало історично низький урожай пшениці і ячменю.

Росія. Перші 763 тонни ячменю нового врожаю відвантажили в порту.

У Канаді площа сівби всієї пшениці під урожай 2020р. зросла на 1,5%

Частка української кукурудзи на ринку Єгипту виросла до 36%, незважаючи на.

Кіровоградська область приєдналася до збиральної кампанії-2020.

В Україні зібрано перші 100 тисяч тонн зерна.


У новому сезоні Причорноморський ячмінь може зіткнутися з серйозною.

Площі під сільгоспкультурами на Львівщині зросли на 8%



значно підвищити прозорість бізнесу підвищити ефективність прийнятих рішень поліпшити економічні показники бізнесу.


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При використанні матеріалів посилання на сайт УкрАгроКонсалт обов’язкове. При використанні інформації в інтернеті гіперпосилання на сайт Передрук або поширення інформації, що публікується в будь-якій формі будь-яким способом заборонено без письмової згоди власника авторських прав.

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Important note: a restriction of business operations due to the Corona Virus.

More than 200 tractors rolled today to the former government district in Bonn. On the occasion of the last week of the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze, and the President of the Federal Agency for nature conservation Beate Jessel, presented the “report on the situation of the nature is”. In him, many farmers see a one-sided blame for the loss of Species in agriculture. However, the protesters turned away with their action. The same time took place in Münster, also of country connection (LsV) NRW instead creates organized a Demonstration in front of the constituency office of Svenja Schulze. In both cases, the core was a requirement that both the Minister and state Secretary Jochen Flasbarth withdraw, because they are seen as partly responsible for the unilateral denunciation of agriculture .

Important note: a restriction of business operations due to the Corona Virus.

More than 200 tractors rolled today to the former government district in Bonn.

On the occasion News of the last week of the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze, and the President of the Federal Agency for nature conservation Beate Jessel, presented the “report on the situation of the nature is”. In him, many farmers see a one-sided blame for the loss of Species in agriculture.

However, the protesters turned away with their action. The same time took place in Münster, also of country connection (LsV) NRW instead creates organized a Demonstration in front of the constituency office of Svenja Schulze. In both cases, the core was a requirement that both the Minister and state Secretary Jochen Flasbarth withdraw, because they are seen as partly responsible for the unilateral denunciation of agriculture .

The latest News about the quarantine.

The latest News to quarantine.

Corona-sports News in the Ticker of New appointments for 3. League and the DFB Cup are Cup fix.

The Coronavirus also holds the sports world in suspense. After the League-Start for the 16. In may, it was announced, it is now also in the 3. League and in the DFB-Cup.

All the latest Sport News you can read here!

Corona-travel-News in the Ticker EU plans to extend the entry stops up to 15. May.

The worldwide spread of the Coronavirus has a significant impact on travel. Also, the summer holidays are on the rocks. In what countries are the Germans still allowed to enter, as well as all the latest developments for the tourism industry in the Corona-travel Ticker.

Corona-listers currently in the Ticker music legend Dave Greenfield dies at Covid-19.

No celebrity Bonus in the Coronavirus-crisis: more and more Stars developing Covid-19. Which celebrity were favorites, tested positive for the Virus and how it is currently, you can find here. In addition, To these celebrities, we mourn .

Shocker News of the week group rape in quarantine , Baby stabbed, Boy kills brother (7)

Sometimes the view is in the current news of ice-cold thrill of horror leaves us on the back run. So this week, as a brutal gang rape, to the murder of two small children and an incredible abuse.

Halle Berry at the bottom with no Hot!! SO sexy, the Ex-Bond Girl lolling by the Pool.

Did you know that Halle Berry 2002 first African-American actress won an Oscar for Best actress? Today, in the year 2020, you might get the Award for the hottest Instagram picture. See for yourself !

Challenge Stylish quarantine : The Stars make your home to the Runway.

No fashion shows, no shoots, In the Corona-crisis, these Fashion Challenges are just right, in order to keep the Stars happy .

Royals, The Queen in quarantine : the Royal Isolation runs .

Queen Elizabeth II is said to hold while the lock downs in the Corona-crisis, at Windsor castle via Video-Chat contact to your family. The time she spends ostensibly with the reading of messages and their beloved budgies.

VIP shaggy look in the quarantine ? Not with Michelle Hunziker!

Michelle Hunziker has dabbled in home quarantine when hair cut. Who has to take the blame for it, it shows in the Video.

Emma Heming Bruce Willis spends the quarantine continues with Ex-wife Demi Moore.

Bruce Willis is currently living separately from his wife, Emma Heming, and their two daughters. Instead, he spends the Corona-insulation with Ex-wife Demi Moore and the three daughters.

Teri Hatcher hair Styling in the quarantine : These Stars are even to the hairdresser.

The self-isolation does not currently allow a visit to a Hairdresser. Many Celebrities are shaving, therefore, active and cut, or dye your hair on your own. Also, your loved one will benefit from your skills.

Coronavirus-tragedy man kills wife, daughters 13. Januar 2020 – Leben Hack (4, 2) and itself during quarantine.

Horror murder in Woodmancote in UK: fears of existence due to the Coronavirus crisis have driven a father of a family to a murder. He shot and killed his wife, his two daughters and then himself.

Film-tips Laugh in spite of quarantine : The best comedies of all time.

In times of Coronavirus with Social Distancing and home quarantine is not able to harm to Laugh. These are the best comedies, the claim is guaranteed to the abdominal muscles .

Coronavirus Anna Wintour: her son is sick and under quarantine.

Anna Wintour is worried about her son: How do you communicate on Instagram, the 35-year-old doctor is currently in quarantine after he has treated Covid-19-patients. The “Vogue”-Boss is proud of him.

Cheyenne Pahde Topless firecracker in the morning coat. HERE, you just naturally glows.

Why should you make extra fancy, if you want to spend the day on the Couch? “Everything counts”-beauty Cheyenne Pahde lets her Fans know in which airy Outfit of the day is to survive .

Angela Merkel, Chancellor, is Corona-press conference! THUS, the network responds .

On Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel in front of the Chancellery, appeared in front of the cameras to explain how it’s supposed to go with the corona measures. These are the reactions on Twitter to the press conference of the Chancellor.

Fitness, These couple of Workouts for the home keep in the quarantine fit.

The Corona-quarantine forces us to try new things. Instead of a visit to the gym, it is now called home training. And since there is a need to be creative, especially when no equipment is at Hand.

However, the private Partner can dumbbells & Co.

Ana Johnson, Lisa-Marie Schiffner, Liz Kaeber naked on the Internet show Stars in the Corona-crisis.

A Corona-insulation-firecracker hotter than the other: While Lisa-Marie Schiffner to make do with a skimpy Bikini and Leonie Hanne in lingerie posing, the way can be Ana Johnson the upper part of the same whole. Also Liz Kaeber draws a blank. Who is your favorite?

Coronavirus-News and current winner-types! THIS sign of the zodiac to triumph in the crisis.

Since the Coronavirus has grown to become a pandemic, the world is in crisis mode. According to astrology there are zodiac signs that can benefit from the Corona-crisis. Is your character among the winners?

Corona Carnage Quarantine Murder! Man slaughters wife and daughter (7) .

Grey full scenes that have played out in the Argentine Monte Chingolo are. During the lock-downs to contain the Corona of a pandemic, a man slaughtered his partner and their daughter (7) brutal .

Steffen show. Oliver and Amira Pocher have your Corona – quarantine ended.

Oliver Pocher and his wife, Amira, have brought the Corona-quarantine behind. How “scary” it was, in Isolation, you have betrayed.

Corona Corona-infection: These Stars are now healthy again.

Prince Charles, Tom Hanks, Amira Pocher and many more Stars and celebrities have survived their infection with the Coronavirus in the meantime .

Covid-19 Albert II of Monaco has survived Covid-19 .

Like his daughter, makes the world of social media know, is the reigning Prince of Monaco, Albert II., of his Covid-19-disease recover.

Elizabeth Hurley quarantine in the hot Nude dress! Here Liz reveals almost everything.

Also in the Corona self-isolation, actress Elizabeth Hurley has not forgotten her Fans. In a sexy Dress, the 54 reports-Year-old is now with you and lets you wonder. Because this Nude dress shows quite a lot.

Angela Merkel is currently a third Test is negative! SO it goes to the Chancellor in Corona – quarantine.

They ruled the country from the domestic quarantine: Angela Merkel has spoken in a press conference to your personal condition and by look, as it is currently, really .

Susanne Wendel How to survive my relationship with the quarantine ?

By means of the Corona insulation, we currently spend much more time with our Partner. However, the constant close proximity can provide a relationship quickly on to the sample. What to do now, white Sex expert Susanne Wendel.

Coronavirus After quarantine : Robbie Williams and his family to be reunited .

After his entry into the United States had to go to Robbie Williams for two weeks of in-home insulation. Now, the singer was allowed to see his wife Ayda and his children – the joy was correspondingly great.

Corona, Angela Merkel, reports from the quarantine : “Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!”

A lot of praise, a heartfelt thank you and a big request – so that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, reports on Saturday from the home quarantine.

Coronavirus After Corona – quarantine : Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are back home.

Oscar-winner Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson had been tested as the first Hollywood Stars positive for the Coronavirus. Now, the two are after quarantine in Australia, back in the USA.

Kylie Jenner in the Corona-Paradise bust-a dream! This Bikini is too small for her plump curves.

Kylie Jenner is one of the most beautiful women in the world. On her latest Instagram Post-the breast miracle is presented in ultra skimpy Bikini on the beach Paradise. However, Kardashian should not remain-sister to corona times actually at home ?

Hugo Egon Balder “celebrities in quarantine “: a New Live Show with Moschner and Balder.

Sat.1, a new Live-Show has announced that a number of celebrities everyday life in the Corona-crisis present. Moderated “celebrities in quarantine” by Ruth Moschner and Hugo Egon Balder.

Angela Merkel Chancellor in Corona – quarantine ! Who takes over in case of failure?

As Angela Merkel Infected had contact with a Coronavirus, it has to go into home quarantine. Many people are asking now, what happens in case of a failure of the Chancellor. Who assume the office?

Florian David Fitz in the Stars pass the time in quarantine.

Even the Stars need to pass the time at home. What is Diane Kruger, Heidi Klum, Florian David Fitz and co. can think of against the boredom .

Quarantine Chancellor Angela Merkel embarks into home quarantine.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel embarks as a precaution, in-home quarantine. The government spokesman Steffen Seibert announced on Sunday evening .

Corona crisis, Bella Hadid advertises above for home quarantine.

Model Bella Hadid knows how to gain skillfully attention to one important thing: With a free speedy Instagram-snap-shot calls for a voluntary quarantine in the own four walls .

Quarantine boredom in quarantine ? Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello give tip.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have gone to fight against the Coronavirus together in self-isolation. As the Couple pass the time, the two in an Instagram Video reveal.

“Let’s Dance” in 2020, Corona-panic at RTL! Victoria Swarovski was in quarantine.

Corona-Chaos to Victoria Swarovski. The “Let’s Dance”-presenter is after a stay abroad in Spain in quarantine. But on Friday you should be back at RTL in front of the camera .

Coronavirus-panic at Queen Elizabeth II Prince Philip helicopter flew in! HE does now.

Queen Elizabeth II has brought in front of the Coronavirus at Windsor castle in safety. Now Prince Philip was flown by helicopter to be loaded. But who will represent the Queen in times of crisis ?

Prince Charles Coronavirus-house arrest with Camilla Parker Bowles! Royals in Isolation.

In times of Coronavirus pandemic, caution is better than indulgence. Prince Charles takes the warnings to heart and withdrew with his wife Camilla Parker Bowles back. Planned trips have been cancelled.

Coronavirus-News and current dog dies after quarantine ! SO dangerous Covid-19 for our animals.

Not only people have to be afraid of the Coronavirus. Even animals are not safe, as is the case of a Pomeranian from Hong Kong shows. According to the Corona-quarantine the dog died.

How at risk are our Pets?

Quarantine Tom Hanks in quarantine : “symptoms are largely the same”

U.S. Star Tom Hanks reports from the domestic quarantine. The all-clear he can’t play a week after the diagnosis, still, but.

Coronavirus currently, THESE penalties now in quarantine violations.

The spread of the Coronavirus to contain, quarantine, and similar safety measures displayed. But what are the sanctions, if it ignores the home insulation ?

Matthias Ostrzolek Hannover-Kicker under Corona-suspicion! Game woman reported from quarantine.

How does it feel, actually, as the game woman in quarantine? This question can be answered Anne-Kathrin Ertl. She is the girlfriend of the Hannover 96 player’s Matthias Ostrzolek, who is since Thursday in quarantine .

Corona-comparison Germany vs. UK pandemic by 2021 in the UK! Germany threatens an infectious wave?

British experts are sounding the Alarm: Up to eight million people will become ill within a year of Covid-19. The number of Sufferers is also increasing rapidly in Germany. The deterioration of the situation on here ?

Coronavirus currently in Sex for vaccine? Pornstar makes researchers indecent proposal.

The rampant Coronavirus holds the world in a stranglehold. Yet there is neither a cure nor a vaccine against Sars-CoV-2 – however, the researchers now get a sexy incentive of a diseased porn star.

Coronavirus currently Up to 21 years in prison! Quarantine -a sinner charged with murder .

The spread of the Coronavirus curb, impose many countries, and quarantine. Anyone who violates the conditions of home Isolation, must face penalties, up to and including murder charges – at least in Italy.

Heidi Klum sick separation of Tom Kaulitz! GNTM-Head in lockdown .

Out of fear of the Coronavirus has been isolated the ailing Heidi Klum. On Instagram it shows in a heart-rending Video on how you deal with the separation from Tom Kaulitz .

King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway Corona shock at the Royals! Royal couple is under quarantine.

The fear of the Coronavirus not even the Royals stop. Now king Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway in Corona was banished to the quarantine. You are not the first Royals, who have now been hit by the Virus .

Donovan Mitchell, Tom Hanks & Co: These Stars are in Coronavirus – quarantine.

Due to the Coronavirus various Stars in quarantine, including actors, singers, football stars, or Royals, are already. Of hysteria is to feel so far, however, little to .

Coronavirus Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are fleeing Coronavirus back in the USA.

Orlando Bloom travels because of the corona virus back to the US and goes into quarantine. The actor had filmed in Prague. Also his pregnant fiancee, singer Katy Perry, has left Australia now .

Coronavirus research is currently laboratory people is intentionally Covid-19-Virus – for 4,000 euros!

How much is our health really worth? An English laboratory pays the Test-subjects, 4,000 Euro, if you leave voluntarily with the novel Coronavirus to infect. Would you do it ?

Mick Schumacher: How to be a father! Mini-Schumi’s signing at Ferrari.

Mick Schumacher: How to be a father! Mini-Schumi’s signing at Ferrari.

Mick Schumacher came to his dream of formula 1 a bit closer. The son of motor racing legend Michael Schumacher has signed a contract with Ferrari and will soon join the test program .

Ferrari has committed racer Mick Schumacher for its Junior Academy. The son of formula 1 record champion Michael Schumacher had signed a contract and will participate in front of the new Motorsport season in a test program, said the car maker on Saturday .

Mick Schumacher gets Ferrari contract.

The 19-year-old Mick Schumacher had won in the previous season, the formula 3 European championship. This year he enters the formula 2, and moves there for the Prema team. Father Michael had once won five of his seven titles in the Ferrari Cockpit and is regarded in Italy as an icon of the Scuderia.

Mini-Schumi is quite hot on the test program.

“I am overjoyed that Ferrari entered into a partnership with me and that my future will be in the Motorsport as a part of the Ferrari Driver Academy and also of the Scuderia Ferrari family of red”, was Mick Schumacher about his Management submit. He wanted to realize in this way his dream of a promotion to formula 1. “It is obvious that Ferrari has been since my birth a big place in my heart and in the hearts of our family, so I am also on a personal level about this step,” was Schumacher quotes.

Ferrari team boss sees great Potential in the son of Michael Schumacher.

The new Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto said: “For someone like 50 Liebe Zitate, Um Auszudrücken, Ihre Schöne Dovely Emotionen 🥰 – Leben Hack me who knows him since birth, there is no doubt that Mick’s shooting at Ferrari has a special emotional significance.” The team have the Schumacher-son selected but because of his Talent and his human and driving qualities .

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After the killing of a jihadist leader : Israel missiles experienced attacks such as not in a long time.

In Tel Aviv, here are closed for the first time the Gaza war of 2014, the due to the attacks, schools, and businesses. Many people are looking for in bunkers refuge.

At eight o’clock the sirens wailed in Tel Aviv, it is advisable to the second largest city in Israel. There was a loud Bang, Haze in the sky that let in the missile interceptor shield, the Iron Dome behind, and the certainty of being followed, that the Tuesday will be a restless day in the centre and South of Israel .

After poor information is a “significant” rocket fire from the Gaza strip. The Israeli forces were on multi-day clashes in a, said army spokesman Jonathan Cornicus. With an Israeli military operation in the Gaza strip had previously been a leader of the militant Palestinian organization Islamic Jihad was killed. Rockets beat now in the South of Israel, a.

Such serious attacks such as this Morning, which ranged up in the Metropolitan area of Tel Aviv, has not seen Israel in a long time. Many Israelis began the day in bunkers, and shelters and for the time being, have to stay at home .

Schools and some businesses remain on Tuesday in the centre and in the South closed for the first Time here, the Gaza war in 2014. Meetings with more than 300, in some areas, likely even with more than 100 participants from security, to be held not .

A few hours before the shelling, Israel’s security forces were killed in a targeted action, a leader of Islamic Jihad in the Gaza strip. The army was not informed about the Operation under Control download domestic intelligence service Shin-But in the night to Tuesday.

The militant Palestinian organization confirmed the death of Baha Abu Al-Ata, and its woman. “Israel has exceeded all red harbour fees were not,” it said in a statement. As the Ministry of health in the Gaza strip were injured two more people .

Sirens wail in Tel Aviv.

The Israeli defense system the Iron Dome (iron dome) to started out several missiles that were fired from the Gaza strip on Israel. Also in Tel Aviv, the sirens howled in the Morning .

Abu Al-Ata have driven in the past few days, preparing for “imminent” terrorist Federation of Employers appealed to Zelensky and Goncharuk in Mr. Bakhmatyuk’s defense attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers advancing, informed the army. He trained, among other things, “terrorist quads” for the Intrusion migrated to Israel. Abu al-was the leader of the Al-Quds brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad in the Gaza strip.

The Operation had to avert served, “a looming threat”, it was more of the army. It had been approved by the Prime Minister and defence Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The Director had approved on Sunday the appointment of Naftali Bennett of the New Right to the new defense Minister.

“Abu al-was responsible for most of the activities of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza strip and was a ticking time bomb,” said the army. He headed terror attacks, and personally involved in, as well as to Try Israeli civilians and soldiers hurt by rocket fire, sniper fire, Sending drones, and more.”

Abu al-Ata is supposed to be for multiple rocket attacks .

Abu al Ata ca responsible at the beginning of may, the rocket fire on 1 been, among other things, for the intensive shelling. November, at a house in the Israeli town of Sderot was hit, and rocket fire at a music festival in Sderot at the end of August, informed the army of the.

The army has moved to its own information, reinforced troops to the border area. After the media was set to report due to fear of attacks by the Islamic Jihad on Israeli Border towns on Tuesday, in part, in the movement of trains. Schools remained closed. According to the army howled in the Morning, sirens in Ashkelon.

More on the topic of.

Middle East conflict Israel attacks after rocket fire in the Gaza strip, .

Israel had conquered during the six day war in 1967, including the West Bank and the Gaza strip. It has tightened up twelve years ago, a Blockade of the Gaza strip, which is supported by Egypt. Both countries justify this in the security interests. The in the Gaza strip, the ruling Islamist Hamas is classified by the European Union, Israel and the United States as a terrorist organization. She has written in the destruction of Israel on their flags. (with AFP, dpa)